The Sport of Life Training Guide Book


The best way to progress through our training program is to follow the online program with the official companion training book and training videos.

The PREMIER Body Method: The Sport of Life is a companion book to our fully comprehensive training program designed to teach the fundamentals of movement mechanics, and then how to apply these mechanics to fitness, exercise, sports performance training, and the real world. It is used as a rehabilitation training system to help people suffering from injury or chronic pain. It is used to help decrease the risk of injury, and serves as a body preservation strategy for both athletes and persons looking to live a healthy lifestyle. It is used by health and fitness enthusiasts as well as athletes, all the way to the highest level, as a method of training the body to perform at its best.

As a trainee, you will have access to downloadable PDF training grids that help you keep track of your progress as you go through the online course.



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