Introducing The PREMIER Body Method Certified Instructor (PBMCI) Program

The PREMIER Body Method, developed by one of the world’s foremost authorities on biomechanics and performance body movement, Dr. Donnie Richardson, DC, DACBSP, CSCS, is now certifying trainers and qualified professionals with the new PBMCI designation.

Why Become a Certified Instructor?

Having quality certifications is key to succeeding as trainer or body mechanics practitioner. At PREMIER Body Method, we ensure that our Certified Instructors fully understand, teach, and promote the basic biomechanics and human movement techniques that we are known for. Clients of PBM Certified Instructors know they are working with the top trainers and professionals in the field. Whether they are interested in recovery, rehabilitation, reducing the risk of injuries, improved performance, or peak performance, clients can rely on PBM Certified Instructors to provide top professional guidance.

Certification Requirements

  • You must carry a Doctorate (DC, DPT, DO, MD, PhD), PT, CSCS-NSCA, CPT-­NSCA, NASM-­certification, AFAA-­
    certification, or equivalent.
  • Submit an Seminar Application. (RIGHT)
  • Remain an annual member-in-good-standing of Premier Body Method. (Click Here to Register)
  • Complete a full Live Seminar, and consulting program.
  • Complete the on-line certification test with 70% or better passing rate. Annual re-certification tests will be required. Access to certification test will be given at completion of Live Seminar attendance.
  • Submit a 10–15 minute training video of the full Premier Basic Warm-up routine, as shown in Level three of the program. Demonstrating and talking through the key points of each exercise as you perform it. (Click here to view a sample video).

Current PBM Certified Instructors

Certification Benefits

PBM Certified Instructors will…

  • Be authorized to use the initials PBMCI in your list of certifications.
  • Have a bio and contact information on the PREMIER Body Method website. (This will assist your personal online marketing with quality Search Engine Optimization.)
  • Receive a Certificate of Completion along with a PBMCI Welcome Kit in order to help you promote your certification.
  • Receive Official PBMCI certification artwork to use in your marketing materials and website.


Consulting Programs

Want PBM at your facility? Our consulting programs offer the very best in implementing the PBM system of physical rehabilitation and functional fitness training to any office or training facility location. Custom consulting programs are designed specific to the facility, practice, or gym partaking in the program. Let PBM help improve the quality of physical rehabilitation, injury prevention, person training and/or sports performance training you deliver to your clients and/or patients. We will assess your current office/facility structure, set up, and operation to determine the best implementation strategy for you. We will determine exactly what will best benefit your facility, and what you are specifically looking for by adding PBM to your business.

PBM Training Facility Consulting Programs Consist of monthly contracts (with various payment options available), with a 3-6-month introductory contract option for initial implementation and trial if requested. After our first meeting takes place, and the specifics of what your facility is looking for are understood, an expanded and detailed PBM Consulting Program Package will be drafted and sent to you for approval, along with the contract to do business. The cost of you consulting package will be based on the level of work required for your specific facility determined after the initial evaluation meeting.

The PBM Facility Consulting Programs May Include:

  • Full Day Premier Body Method Introductory Seminar (8 hours).
  • 2-4 Half Day Advanced Premier Body Method Training Sessions (4 hours each).
  • Additional onsite visits if necessary.
  • Continued training blocks for all trainers/staff is available (4-8 hours).
  • Private and/or small group Premier Body Method Training Seminars for all newly hired trainers/staff members as needed (8 hours).
  • Access to Premier Body Method Online Training Programs and continuing educational material.
  • The Premier Body Method: The Sport of Life text book (copies for all training staff members)
  • Listing of your facility location on the PBM website.
  • Training facility set-up and organization (if necessary).
  • Client training classes (daily/weekly frequency TBD based on facility size)
  • Client educational lectures (monthly frequency TBD based on facility size)
  • Marketing assistance (open houses, speaking opportunities, logos, etc.).
  • Financial and sales operations assistance (if necessary).
  • Clinical operations and medical documentation (in applicable).
  • Future updates and first access to new additions to PBM products and services.

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